Top 10 secrets to rely on Explainer Video Production Company

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Explainer Animated video in creating brand value
A good Explainer Animated Video is all you need

We’ll let business people like you know how to connect your brand with the customer

Have you ever wondered why people are not buying your products/services? After all your tried methods like Google Ads, Facebook Ad Campaigns, SEO, and PPC Campaigns? You have spent a lot of money on these popular methods. But you couldn’t catch your prospects’ attention.

On the other side, Dropbox, Crazy Egg, and Rypple have earned in huge.

  • Dropbox( American File Hosting company) earned almost 48 million dollars extra revenue.
  • Crazy Egg, a heat map tool, yielded an extra earning of about 21 thousand dollars.
  • Rypple saw an increased conversion of about 20%.

The reason behind their jaw-dropping success is explainer animated videos. A good explainer video production company has the ability to land you on the pinnacle of success.

Before revealing the Top 10 secrets to rely on Explainer Video Production Company, I want you to know:

What is Explainer Animated video?

Explainer animated video is a short span video of hardly 2 minutes. It simplifies complex ideas while engaging people’s attention.

This video is the most dynamic tool used by digital marketers. It describes your products or services in a beautiful way. The message of the explainer video hits your target audiences’ problems.

Furthermore, it helps you to keep a good rapport with your current customers. You’ll build new leads, lessen bounce rate, create brand awareness, and rocket conversion.

Do you know why Explainer Videos are unique from other digital marketing tools?

We have conducted keen observation and earned years of expertise in this area. So we are sharing 6 amazing features that every good Explainer Animated Video has. Let’s find out what are they:

6 Golden Features of Explainer Animated Videos
Infographic on the features of Explainer videos


Best explainer animated videos are less than 2 minutes. It requires less than 150 words. Hence, it reaches the target audience without any effort in the least time.

Do you know the average span of attention of a commoner? According to Microsoft, this is a measly amount of 8 seconds.

Failure to catch customers’ attention within those 8 seconds, you won’t make sales.

Studies show explainer animated videos of 60 seconds long produce the best results.

Great at problem-solving:

To reach your potential customers, you need to have answers to 3 questions. They are:

What is the pain point of my customers?

How my service/ product is going to help my customers? and

Why will my customers pick me?

These short-in-length videos are the best tool to address these 3 questions.

Makes a bridge between brands with the audience:

The primary purpose of digital marketing is to connect your brand with audiences. The more your audiences are connecting with your brand, the more you will enjoy sales growth.

Can you imagine how Dropbox propelled 10% conversion? One 2 minutes explainer video brought 10 million extra customers to them.

Best quality:

These videos are no doubt of high quality. They have Good graphics, crisp sounds, catchy lines, attractive scenarios. These qualities are at play to communicate with the customers’ core issues.

Assured CTA(Call to action):

Every explainer video comes with a message of solving some major customer problems. Hence, 84 out of 100 consumers are likely to buy the service or the product. After they have watched an explainer video. It’s a recent survey conducted by Video Rascals.


Explainer animated video comes at a reasonable price than other digital marketing tools. Contrary to their cost, they return massive revenue to the company. To your surprise, we’re glad to inform you that Dropbox spent only $50 thousand. But they earned $48 million, and their customer base jumped to a whopping 100 million.“

Now take a closer insight into their success stories.

Success Story of Dropbox

Explainer animated video of dropbox set a record for high conversion.
Dropbox’s explainer animated video

Dropbox started taking its baby steps in 2007; it invested $233-$388 for a paid search of their $99 product. The result was frustrating. Despite their mammoth investment, Dropbox could not generate revenue. This, in turn, pressured them to think about Google Adword’s effectiveness.

Dropbox founder Drew Houston invested less than $50 thousand for an Explainer video. The video was whiteboard-style. It earned him an ROI of $ 48 million extra gain and 10 million more customers.

The video was a tremendous success. It drove 75000 people overnight. In the beginning, nobody knew what Dropbox was and what they offer. Their Explainer videos conveyed the message with ease and grace. Now people know how Dropbox works.

Success Story of Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg's explainer video was a grand success
Explainer video of Crazy Egg

To get a higher conversion, you need to understand consumers’ behaviors. Crazy Egg is such a helpful site to understand your users’ behaviors.

It supports features like Heat map and Confetti. Crazy Egg can help you understand where you get the most clicks and where people are leaving.

Crazy Egg’s founder Neil Patel said the 2.38 minutes video increased around 64% conversion. Their “Demo Duck” explainer video earned $21 thousand. This again proves if you make the right investment, it will pay the highest return.

Success Story of Rypple

Rypple's explainer animated video is a simple whiteboard-style video.
Whiteboard animation of Rypple

Rypple is a cloud-based software company. It helps managers and employees to track their performances through coaching, feedback, etc.

Its 1.48 minutes video explains what Rypple can help its customers.

It wanted to generate leads. So, Rypple’s explainer video carried out a call to action ” Free to start’ punch line. And it became a major hit.

Rypple experimented with 3 landing pages.

These landing pages are :

  • One with Explainer animated video,
  • A different with images and text &
  • Another with live feedback from Facebook

The first one earned a great response from the target people. It also helped Rypple to increase 20% conversion.

Now let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 secrets to rely on Explainer Video Production Company :

Hubspot says companies that have used explainer videos earlier are going to use it again. And their percentage is 99 out of 100.

65% of companies who never used these videos are planning to use them. Explainer animated videos are so famous for the past few years. The success stories of Dropbox, Crazy Egg, and Rypple inspired many. A lot of other companies want to invest in explainer videos.

When creating video marketing content on a budget,

you might consider the following attributes of explainer videos:

1. Huge conversion rate:

Every explainer video marketing agency has different niches based on their expertise. All you need is to state your target customer, what product you have, and how you can help your customers. Expert explainer video makers will tell your story to your consumers.

You can keep track of customers. How they respond, how much time they are spending on watching your video. You can keep an eye on where they stop watching and how many of them are purchasing your product, and more. RankWatch saw 27% conversion and improved its sales, so why can’t you?

2. Conveys the aim of your product:

A good explainer animated video production company conveys the aim of your product. It uses beautiful graphic designs, animated avatars with punchy lines.

It helps people to have a better understanding of your product. It also tells your customers why they should choose you other than your competitors.

3. Outrank in Google Search:

Videos consistently do rank better than the texts in Google search.

Most consumers are not comfortable reading, nor do they have time and patience to do that.

Explainer animated videos are the best way to reach out to those customers who don’t like reading.

4. Driving more traffic:

A video can spread within a short time than a text. Once the video is a hit, it becomes viral and draws traffic.

The specialty of any explainer video is that it brings natural traffic in a brief period. Wizowl says 66% of consumers prefer watching videos to reading a product review.

5. Increased interest:

Show an explainer video with repetition. And it will grab the attention of the target audience in no time.

We see daily, be it a song or an advertisement, has a long-lasting effect on our minds. It stays well and creates a positive impact on our buying. Explainer videos do this trick to get a stronghold on the customers.

6. Catches the attention of the target audience:

A reputed explainer animated video production company knows every trick and shortcuts. They can guide you on how to build trust and good rapport with the target audience. They will show images and animated characters through explainer videos.

To tell your story, they will create a deeper connection in the minds of your customers. You have to connect with your customers’ emotions. So, you can enjoy a long-time rapport with your customers. Positive emotions increase the retention of customers.

7. Ease of sharing:

Another utility of this fantastic virtual marketing tool is its flexible sharing nature. You have a couple of options about its sharing. You can share it on your website. YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can share on YouTube and Vimeo as well.

You can do social media marketing or email marketing. Your explainer video will do wonders there too. Do you know video emails have 96% higher click-through rates?

In the 21st century, without an explainer video for social handles, you are chasing a wild goose.

8. Videos promote SEO:

Google’s algorithm takes into account the time your visitors spend on your website. Some websites have loads of flashy images, words, and staffed advertisements. Study shows they witness a high bounce rate. These websites lack the retention of visitors for a long time. So, the bounce rate is noticeable.

But if you use an explainer video to promo your products, the effect will be the opposite. You can hold on to your visitors for a longer time.

A low bounce rate will help you boost SEO. In time, it will signal Google to rank your website in its Search Engine Result Page.

9. Videos are good for mobile users:

According to Statista, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users globally in 2021. If you have any video content customized for mobile users, you are on the go. Imagine how much you are going to profit year after year?

Mobile users are less likely to read text. These explainer videos prove to be gold mines for your customers. Video contents work great than a heap of words. And this justifies why 98% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a product.

10. Better Shelf-life:

If you think explainer videos are too expensive, you are taking the wrong turn. These videos are best known for their long shelf lives and high ROI (Return On Investment). You can restore it anywhere and use it whenever you want.

In the inception, you may have to spend some amount. This, in turn, will generate profit, and you can reap the benefit even after a few years.

Types of Explainer Animated videos

Creativity has no limits. There are various types of Explainer animated videos available in the market. Based on your business type and budget.

Here we’ll focus on the 5 types of explainer videos that explainer video companies in India create:

2D Character Animated video:

This kind of videos works well both with B2B and B2C. The characters and the scenes it uses to tell the story to connect with the audience in an intense way.

3D Character Animated video:

If budget is not an issue, you may opt for this type of explainer video. A bit more costly than the 2D videos. But it potential customers in a short time, whether it is B2B or B2C business.

Infographic video:

This kind of video is more educational and instructive. Images and scenes are very important here. It requires good knowledge. It engages the target audience to get complex data in a simple form with less effort.

Motion  Graphic Animation Explainer video:

It uses graphics and artwork where characters play a minor role. It is best to handle complex ideas. Graphics can shift into other things.

Whiteboard animation

This kind of video shares in-depth knowledge of your product or services. They are simple black and white drawing on whiteboards.

What an explainer video production company will do for you?

First, they’ll help you choose a video style based on your business and customer type.

Second, they will make a script for your video.

Third, they will record and edit the audio

Fourth, They will incorporate graphics, video, and other images

Finally, they will edit and deliver you so that you can share them on your websites, social media, and Youtube.

Let me help you find an explainer video company in India.

Explainer video companies in India are booming. Each of them serves different niches and services. It is almost an arduous job to find a suitable one.

To ease the effort and save your time, we have listed some premier explainer video companies in India:

What a story

Located in Hyderabad, What a story is helping struggling companies. They assist them to explain their products or services and reach customers.

They have services like explainer videos, 360-degree videos, testimonial videos & promo videos.


It is Co-founded by Mr. Danish Wadhwa and Mrs. Chehak Wadhwa.

Webdew has earned global recognition in a short time. Not only they have an office in India, but they have also spread their wings in The USA and Canada.

They have broadened their expertise in explainer videos, testimonial videos, onboarding videos. They have skills in social media videos, product demo videos, tutorial videos too.

Rishi Digital

The company started its journey in the year 2019 .

The company is only 2 years old. But it has already been very popular in the market.

Rishi Digital is solely focused on helping those busy business people who lack time in connecting with prospects. They aid their clients with lead generation, convert their potential prospects into sales.
Thier singular aim is to connect you with your customers.

It provides good quality explainer animated videos. Variety of services you can expect from Team Rishi Digital. They are Social Media Marketing, Website Design & its Maintenance, Hosting.
They also provide training on Digital Marketing.


WowMaker has offices in Bangalore and Kochi in India. They also have their overseas offices in the USA, Canada, and Singapore.

It helps ambitious companies to build their brand and stand out. They do almost every kind of explainer video along with user experience designs.

The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Asianet news are some of its noteworthy customers.


It’s an explainer animated video company located in Madhya Pradesh, India. They make memorable short and engaging explainer videos. This video lasts long in the viewer’s mind.

For explainer videos, they make voiceovers in different languages and accents. The niches they have are Information Technology, Education, Health care, Marketing, and advertising.

They have their offices in India and the USA. They deliver explainer videos, whiteboard videos, product videos, and educational videos.

Video Factory

Kolkata-based explainer video production company Video Factory is in Bangalore also. They serve companies like Ola, Uber, The Times of India, and many more.

Video Factory focuses on the greatest ROI of their customers.

They supply app tour videos, good quality explainer videos, and corporate videos.


Explainers is a customer-centric creative explainer video company. They have their foundation in the Charminar city Hyderabad in India.

They are a part of PixelSutra. It’s an innovative agency for website designing, apps, games, and videos.

They create explainer videos. You can also get 2D and 3D animation videos, live-action, motion graphics, and even paints.

Transpixel Studio

This is a New Delhi-based explainer video production company. They believe in End to End video production solution.

They supply videos in English, Hindi, Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Bengali, and more.

They provide affordable explainer videos. You can expect a good HD quality video from Transpixel Studio.

Transpixel Studio has already worked in more than 15 languages. Unilever, Punjab National Bank, CISCO, LinkedIn are some of its valued clients.

Addiction Graphics

Mohali, Punjab-based company Addiction Graphics known for its reputation in explainer videos. Other than that, they are experts in motion design, graphic design, and compositing.

They believe in great story building. Amplifyme, Platcore, Glide are some of the brands it has worked with recently.


This is last but not least an explainer video production company on our list. Studiotale has a remarkable history of working. It has worked with brands like Facebook, Xiaomi, Swiggy, and more.

Apart from explainer videos, they also work on product demos and marketing videos.

They’ll provide 30 minutes free strategic call to clear your doubt on the video you want to build. This is a fantastic way to get the desired video without any flaw.

The Takeaway

In the end, I want to share an exciting thing about explainer animated videos with you. You can use them on any platform or even pick any style.

This new Digital Marketing tool will create brand awareness without any question. Moreover, it will attract new customers to increase conversion.  Join the countless successful companies and take your business to a  new level.

Do you wonder what you need now?

Nothing but to get connected with an authentic explainer video production company today.

What do you think? Can an Explainer Animated Video be a real Game-changer? Comment us below. We would be extremely happy to know your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are explainer videos used?

Explainer videos

In general, Explainer videos are seen on the Websites’ landing pages, Home page and product description pages. But it can be used in e-mail marketing and social pages as well.

How do explainer videos help businesses?

As the name suggests, Explainer videos explain your products in an engaging manner. It connects well with your customers and gives you good profit.

Are Explainer Videos effective?

Explainer videos are super-effective as it integrates two components- visual and audio to give a long lasting effect on the audiences. Videos are proven to be more acceptable than the texts or pictures.

What is animated video production?

Animated video production is a lengthy process to make your video alive with characters. This process includes one good script, a strong storyboard, powerful voiceover, relevant music and an expert team to mix all of these into a brand new video.

How long should an explainer video be?

The average length of an Explainer video is around 1-2 minutes. Many experts believe a 90-minute explainer video is ideal.

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